The Metal Powder and Hardmetals module will provide a comprehensive overview of the fabrication and use of metal powder and hardmetals. 

The module will cover both fundamental aspects as well as industrial practice given by experts from academia, research institute and industry.  The module will include state-of-the-art lectures on metal powder fabrication and properties for press&sinter, additive manufacturing and hot isostatic pressing.

There will then be a study visit to powder fabrication plant including lab and plant tours and presentations at site. The characterisation of powder will be shown through practical classes, where both basic (size, flow, rheology, BET, etc) as well as advanced methods (SEM, XPS, Auger, etc) will be addressed. Novel/emerging powder technologies will be addressed through separate lecture. As special effort horizontal aspects of generic character as product development, LCA, sustainability and finally innovation in materials technology will be addressed.

The organizing of the week is preliminary shown below. The finalising of the week will include the examination including two parts: the presentation of an assignment where each participant has addressed and developed their own powder product case during the week and will get feedback on this, while there will also a general question-based assessment of the learning acquired during the week.

For more information on Powder Manufacture, EPMA has a short introduction here. Further information regarding hard materials can be found here.

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Fees*: Regular €2000 / Academic €1000 / Individual (unemployed) €400

Academic Partner: Chalmers University of Technology, Swerea IVF
Industrial Partner: Höganäs AB, Sandvik Coromant

(* Fees include 5 nights accommodation/lunches/refreshements/training material. For additional internship weeks and/or additional PM life modules on other topics, please refer to the fees page)

Registration Deadline:



Introduction, coffee & gathering

Training Schedule

Chalmers and Swerea / Lab tour at Chalmers

Fabrication and Properties of Metal Powder

Principles, Technologies, Characteristics

Fabrication and Properties of Hardmetal Powder

Principles, Technologies, Characteristics

Fabrication and Properties of Powder for Press & Sinter

Principles, Technologies, Characteristics

General Powder Characterisation

Principles, methods and their application

Powder for Additive Manufacturing

Principles, Technologies, Characteristics, Applications

Welcome Dinner

Practical Work Day

Tour to Höganäs AB

Visit to Powder fabrication plant

Laboratory work, Characterization in groups


Practical Work Day

Advanced Characterisation (XPS, Auger, TGA/DSC), Chalmers

Basic Characterisation, Swerea IVF


Novel Powder Technologies

Emerging technologies and their application

Powder Surface Chemistry

Characteristics and impact on processing

Raw Material

Sources, Trends, Sustainability


Innovations, examples withing material field

Individual work

Individual assignment - preparation of pitch

Exams and group dialogues
Debriefing of the week and closure incl. its assessment



PM Life HM module lab tour

PM Life HM components

PM Life HM module industry tour

Other Modules