What is PM Life?

PM Life is a brand new training course that can be adapted to your needs, therefore you can attend all modules or simply pick and choose which are most relevant to you.  It is organised by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) and it's members with funding from EIT Raw Materials. The five main areas of Powder Metallurgy each have a week module to help educate and provide practical experience to those on the course. There is also a chance to join the optional three week internship which As well as being a great addition to your CV, it provides the opportunity to meet people in the Powder Metallurgy industry, network and experience some of the different career paths that can be chosen.

What is the offical language of the course?

As with all EPMA training courses, the offical language of the modules and internships is English.

How long is the course?

Each module is one working week - Monday to Friday and you can attend as many of the five modules as you wish which take place between June and September. The optional internship is three weeks long but the timing of this will be agreed on with yourself and the internship host to ensure it is suitable for both parties. It's most likely that the internships will be held between July and December.

How much does the course cost?

As we wanted to provide an adjustable course to help suit the needs of the participant, the prices vary based on how much you wish to attend. The prices can be found on the fees page.

Can I join just one week?

Yes! We designed the course with this in mind as we know that some people will already have knowledge of some of the modules but would want to focus on a particular area.

Can I choose where my internship is?

Yes, internships will be offered first-come-first-served in order of registration - although the host company will have the final say on approving the student before it starts.