Thank you for your interest in PM Life that brought you to this page!

The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world in 2020 has severely impacted this training programme, forcing us to cancel all training weeks organised for this year.

Actually, PM Life activity so far was concentrated in courses that would give trainees the chance to learn their preferred topic(s) in powder metallurgy not only though lectures, but especially by direct experience, on site, learning from experienced trainers and experimenting themselves in well equipped labs, during the training weeks and even more in depth, when desired, during the longer internships in companies or research groups.

This means that, as a concept, a 100% COVID-19 compliant activity would be totally different from the original PM Life training model. We tried to keep the chance of organising the weeks alive as much as possible, rescheduling them to later dates, checking with our partners that all health issues were addressed, but the uncertainties of the present situation, with a final positive solution still not clearly visible in the next months, has led us to the final decision of cancelling the weeks.

At the same time, the experience of co-funding from EIT Raw Materials and thus from the EU has been prematurely stopped as no activity could be planned in the residual project funding period.

We are very sorry not to be able to satisfy your training needs this year on this training scheme. All fees paid will be reimbursed, and all registered trainees should have received, or will receive, a communication about the issue. In case of need please contact Delphine Nicolas (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Nevertheless, we encourage you to follow the EPMA website and the websites of the other PM Life partners for further training opportunities. This year, most of the offer is concentrated, for obvious reasons, on online trainings, webinars, etc. Even the usual EPMA Euro PM Congress, Euro PM2020, will be a “virtu@l” event this year. The evolution of the pandemic will tell us if this will become a stable condition, but hopefully we will be able to resume in-person training and physical events, that is the most natural and efficient way of transmitting knowledge and experience, and offers the networking and human touch needed to develop powder metallurgy.

PM Life will be back as soon as possible, quite likely with different training channels, including in-person and online offers, hopefully from early 2021. We are working on it with our partners and hope to be able to disclose the new programme in the next months. We encourage you to check this website regularly, and to join our mailing list by ticking the relevant interests’ boxes in the form that you can access below.

Stay healthy, stay safe, keep up your interest in powder metallurgy!

Bruno Vicenzi

Technical Manager, EPMA