PM Life Technology Courses 2021 

PM Life is back! With a new approach and many new courses! 

Download the PM Life 2021 Flyer Here

PM Life is a training programme aimed at professionals and graduates willing to develop their career in Powder Metallurgy. 

The programme includes many Technology Courses, each focused on a specific sector, as shown in the table for the courses organised in 2021. 

For 2021 there are no more courses available. When the 2022 schedule will be published, you will find more details for each course in the relevant page from the dropdown menu 'TECHNOLOGY COURSES' and register (to one or more courses) via the 'REGISTER' page.  

All courses are split in two parts: an initial online part dedicated to the Fundamentals (on 2-3 days), and an onsite part, dedicated to Practice (2-3 days). In the latter, most of the time is devoted to lab work, lab and plant visits to companies and research institutes, and to intense and fruitful networking. A certificate is awarded at the end of each course (both Fundamentals and Practice for the same course must have been attended).  


pm life 2021 epma
The coordinators of the Technology Courses will make sure that the onsite experience will be at the same time satisfactory and safe for the trainees, complying with the regulations in the hosting regions. Clearly, the organisation will monitor the COVID-19 situation, and will consider changes in the programme whenever needed. Participants will be informed in due time, and, in case, reimbursed according to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below. Due to all constraints, the hosts will not accept more than a set number of participants, so all registrants will be considered on a first come-first served basis, and registration might be stopped when a limit is reached.